Female HS Math Teacher/Cross Country Coach Accused of Sex With Male Student

Today’s HS Coach Sex Scandal comes to us from Iowa where a female math teacher/cross country coach is accused of having a relationship with one of her students. The important point–from a legal perspective–is whether the relationship started AFTER he graduated this June or earlier in the year, as other students have indicated. Seems like it was pretty common knowledge at Clarinda High School that something was going on between these two for the last six months. But, as usual, no one said anything to school officials (okay, maybe they did and the school just bailed) and now the mother-of-two has moved out of her how, just has hubby is being deployed as part of a National Guard unit to Afghanistan.

Thanks to our buddies Todd ‘n’ Tyler for the tip on the story!

Here’s more from the Clarinda Herald Journal:

A former Clarinda High School math teacher was sexually involved with one of her students for several weeks – if not months – according to statements collected by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. The statements were included in documentation investigators used to get search warrants last week.

The teacher, Suzette Reed, resigned her teaching position earlier this month. Prior to her resignation, Reed told Clarinda High School principal Theresa Nook that she had sexual relations with the former CHS senior beginning in early July, after the then-17-year-old student had graduated, according to the report by DCI Special Agent Daniel Dawson.

A female student told Dawson, however, “it was common knowledge amongst the student body Mrs. Reed and [the student] were having a sexual relationship,” during the last six months of the 2009-10 school year. Reed’s husband, Robert, told the investigator he was aware of a sexual relationship between his wife and the former student.

In searches conducted Friday, investigators collected several cameras and computers, photos, cards Reed had sent to the student, cellular phone bills and bedding. The materials were taken from Reed’s home, the student’s home, Reed’s mother’s home and Reed’s car.

Robert Reed, a Clarinda police officer who is currently deployed with the Iowa National Guard for training for deployment to Afghanistan, told Dawson that the student had been coming to the Reed’s home “once or twice a week for over six months to receive tutoring in math.”

Dawson reported Robert Reed became suspicious and confronted his wife, who admitted to having a sexual relationship with her student that began June 16. The husband also told Dawson he had searched his wife’s personal laptop computer and discovered multiple photographs of the student, including one of his wife and the student lying next to each other in a suggestive pose and appearing to be without shirts.

“Mr. Reed also states since discovery of the relationship, he obtained and reviewed cellular phone records of Mrs. Reed’s personal cell phone back to May of 2010, which indicated Mrs. Reed and [the student] were exchanging a large number of text messages between each other,” Dawson reported.
The investigator’s report stated Suzette Reed was no longer living at the home she had shared with Robert Reed and their two children.