Coach/Security Guard Arrested for Drugged Driving With Gun, Underage Girl in Car

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoWell, it looks like this guy “hit for the cycle.”

Not only was elementary school basketball coach/security guard Tyrone A. Farrar Jr., 30, arrested for drugged driving last Friday morning, but when cops pulled him over he also had a 9mm gun with him and an underage girl in the passenger seat beside him. During the stop, the girl, 14, admitted to cops that she and our hero, Tyrone A. Farrar Jr., 30, had been having an affair for a year–starting when she was only 13–and that the couple had sex more than 35 times, sometimes in the coach’s van. That night though, according to one report, Farrar was trying to take the girl to the Salisbury Inn, but it cost $85 and he only had $82 on him, so he was driving around trying to get more cash.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there! According to the girl, she was upset with the married Farrar because his wife had found out about the affair and–we’re not making this up!–was sending her threatening text messages. Mrs. Farrar didn’t go to the cops or file for divorce: she sent threatening text messages to a high school girl. Brilliant! On top of all that, Lawrence (MA) school officials had reportedly heard about the affair in the fall of 2009 but never reported it to police because everyone involved denied there was anything going on.

You’d have to think that Farrar has the pole position for the 2010 Bad Jock of the Year award.

Here’s more from the Boston Herald:

A Lawrence school security officer and basketball coach had a yearlong illicit love affair with a teen girl at his school that unraveled after Salisbury cops nabbed him driving drunk while packing a pistol, police said.

Tyrone A. Farrar Jr., 30, was charged yesterday with two counts of statutory rape and drunken driving in Newburyport District Court. He was held without bail after pleading not guilty. He returns to court Aug. 9. Farrar, a guard at Robert Frost Elementary School in Lawrence, was stopped by Salisbury police early Friday morning for driving erratically. Police said he was with a 14-year-old female passenger and was in possession of a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol in his car.

As the cops held him for alleged drunken driving, the girl – later joined by her mom – told police about their alleged affair. The girl said that since August 2009 they’d had sex in Salisbury and Lawrence “approximately 35 times,” many times in a van parked down the road from her house “so no one could see them together,” police said.

Farrar was the girl’s “mentor” and basketball coach, as well as a guard at Frost, where the two met when she was 13, police said. The girl said she “loves” Farrar, who is married, according to police. She told the cops she was angry at Farrar because his wife learned of the relationship and was sending her threatening text messages. Farrar’s wife could not be reached.