Spam Email Graveyard Hits 10,000th Scam Message!

Yes, it’s true: we’ve been collecting scam/spam emails since the spring of 2008 and now we have what is arguably (and who’s going to argue with us?) the World’s Largest Collection of spam email. To date: 10,000 messages from scammers and spammers around the world. You name it, we’ve been pitched it, from dying Nigerian grandmothers who have not one else to give their millions to (Praise God!), to our own troops in Iraq, desperately trying to get soiled money that once belonged to Saddam Hussein out of that country before it falls into the wrong hands. Like yours.

The latest? From Doctor, Ibrahim Buba, who is from Burkina Faso West Africa, who also just happens to be a banker at the BANK OF AFRICA (B.O.A). My haul this time? $20 million dollars! (Okay, technically Dr. Buba says we’ll split it 50/50, but my plan is to have all the money deposited into my account and then keep it all for myself. Hah!)

Likely this will be my last post on BadJocks, but if you’d like to see how I made all my money, check out the World’s Largest Collection of Scam Emails at the Spam Email Graveyard. (It’s reasonably safe, as long as you don’t click on anything.)