Streaker Breaks Three Tackles Before Being Downed at CFL Game

Our first streaker for the 2010 football season, this time in Vancouver where a naked fan ran onto the field during the BC Lions vs. Montreal Alouettes game. He does make a couple of nice moves before being brought down by a pack of security guards. And, fortunately, the video is just blurry enough to hide this guys small naughty bits. Still, probably not eh best thing to be watching at work today.
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The streaker facing a ban from Empire Field won’t face criminal charges, according to Vancouver police. Friday’s B.C. Lions home game against the Montreal Alouettes was interrupted in the second half when a naked man romped across the field and was tackled by security. The man now faces a ban from future Lions games, but escaped possible indecent exposure and mischief charges.

“We gave that person some advice on future conduct and basically told him to put on his clothes and get out of here,” said VPD spokesperson Const. Jana McGuiness. “To criminally charge someone is a really big step. It seems like a bit much.”