Former News Reporter & Wife Attacked by Drunken Golfer on Cart

Dumbass Category LogoFat, drunk, and golfing is not way to go through life, son.

This stories involves a former New York news reporter for WCBS, Brendan Keefe, who left the Big Apple to raise his children in a “safer environment” in Ohio. What he and his wife didn’t count on is the high rate of drunken golfers on golf carts in the Buckeye State (okay, we don’t have any stats to back that up, but it just seems logical, doesn’t it?).

Brendan Keefe and his wife were attacked by a drunken golfer at the Ivy Hills Country Club outside Cincinnati on Sunday, cops said.  The beating left him with a fractured eye socket and severed tear duct that will keep him off the air for a month.  His wife, former CBS news writer Tiffany Keefe, was shoved to the pavement in the scuffle and suffered a skull fracture and concussion, police said.

Things got ugly when Duane Thompson, 38, lost control of his golf cart and it crashed near a spot where Tiffany Keefe was sitting with her infant daughter, cops said.  A heated argument broke out, and Thompson allegedly pushed the mother down to the ground, knocking her unconscious.  Brendan Keefe, who was in the pool with his 3-year-old son, ran to his wife – and the two men exchanged blows.

“We were victims of a vicious and unprovoked attack by a drunk man,” Keefe said. “All I care about is my wife’s recovery and the safety of my young children.”  Thompson was arrested and charged with assault, cops said.

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