Tennessee Fan Says if Not for Friends, Football Players May Have Killed Him – Gary Russell

It’s time of year again friends, when college football players have WAY too much time on their hands and arrests are bars are as plentiful as Lindsay Lohan court appearances. Take Knoxville, Tennessee when a gang of football players allegedly got into a bar fight with a mere mortal and that lucky bastard, Gary Russell, nearly died–according to him–as a result of the beat down.

The real question now is whether first year coach Derek “What Did I Get Myself Into?” Dooley will suspend the entire team right now for the season, or if he’s wait until they get arrested one at a time over the next six months.

Here’s more from ESPN:

Gary Russell grew up a Tennessee fan and says he will always be a Vol. That allegiance has been tested like never before in recent days. Russell, 20, says he was attacked and beaten by a group of Tennessee football players, including sophomore defensive tackle Montori Hughes and senior receiver Denarius Moore, early last Friday morning at Bar Knoxville, a nightspot near campus. A bar-clearing brawl ensued, leading to one Tennessee player being dismissed, two others being suspended and an off-duty Knoxville Police Department officer being knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital.

“If not for my friends jumping in, I would be dead or brain-dead,” Russell told ESPN.com. “It was obvious that they weren’t going to stop.”

Russell, both of his eyes blackened and his left one swollen shut, was taken to the hospital by one of his friends and treated. He said he had a baseball-sized knot on the back of his head “where six or seven football players were punching and kicking me.”

He broke his nose, suffered bruises on his chest and required nine stitches above his left eye. His forearms were bruised from “trying to fend off kicks and punches” while he lay on the ground. “One of them was holding my head up, and they were punching me in my face while I was on the ground and stomping on my chest,” Russell said. “Finally, my friends were able to help get them off me, and the bouncers started dragging them outside.”