Little League Coach/Dad Accused of Punching Player/Son in Face/Back

Dumbass Category LogoOkay, so we don’t always describe people on this site at their best. In this case we have a father/coach whose own son was thrown out at third base during a Little League game. Not exactly the end of the world, but then the kid threw his helmet and was ejected from the game. Again, that DOES happen from time-to-time and you couldn’t blame the father/coach for being a little unhappy with the boy. But punching him in the face . . . TWICE? Even by our low standards that does seem excessive. So part of us wants to think that maybe the father’s lawyer is right and that the guy only pushed him in the back, not punched him in the face.

Here’s more from KWTX:

Youth baseball coach Ray Boudreau of suburban Harrisburg, Pa., is charged with simple assault after his 9-year-old son was punched in the face for being ejected from a game. According to court papers, Boudreau struck his son twice with a closed fist at the game Monday, but defense attorney Brian Perry says that while Boudreau handled the situation poorly, he actually struck the boy on the back.

Court papers say the umpire and scorekeeper called police, who arrested Boudreau at his Enola home. An officer says he observed redness on the boy’s face.