New Mexico HS Football Hazing Update: Sue Everybody!

Hazings Category LogoA very good lawyer once told me: “When in doubt, sue everybody!” He must be handling the civil lawsuit filed by six football players at Robertson High School in Las Vegas, New Mexico following a hazing incident there in 2008. In all, the victims in this case have named 30 different entities (coaches, schools, etc) in their lawsuit which basically says everyone involved should have prevented older players from shoving broom handles into their behinds.

We agree. And we would guess if you had a hunk of wood hanging out your backside you would likely be on our side as well. Then again, we have heard from a number of readers in the past defending sports hazing as a “rite of passage.” Care to way in on this case boys?

The dollar amount they are seeking isn’t listed yet, but when you sue everybody, you don’t do it for a buck and a half. Keep this in mind kids the next time we make a big deal about some hazing incident. Schools that look the other way for years will end up paying for it eventually.

Here’s more from Justice News Flash:

A hazing scandal, in which six football players sodomized nine younger players at a football camp in 2008, has resulted in a civil lawsuit. The victims and their families filed a lawsuit on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, as reported by KOAT.

In 2008, the Robertson High School football team attended a football camp near Las Vegas, N.M., when six older players sodomized nine younger players with a broomstick.

The older players were kicked off the team and expelled as a result of the hazing incident.

The victims and their families have since filed a civil lawsuit against more than 30 defendants, including the six football players, their parents, Las Vegas City Schools and administration, the coaches and the camp where the hazing took place. The lawsuit is seeking damages for the sexual attacks, violation of civil rights and the conspiracy the plaintiff’s allege is surrounding the incident.

The coaches were not properly certified and they laughed off the incident when it took place, according to the lawsuit. The suit also claims that the school, the camp or the adults in charge did not provide a safe environment from the start.