Little League Mom Accused of Attacking Son’s Coach for Making Him Play Different Position

Dumbass Category LogoAh, the rewards of coaching youngsters! The long hours, lack of respect from the parents, and now 8-year-olds refusing to take the field after you ask them to play a different position. Wonder were the kid got the idea he was in charge?

To make matters worse, when the coach told the kid he’d be benched the next game if the boy didn’t take the field, mom stepped in and took the lad home, only to return later to get into with the coach. Did she really twist his arm and cause him pain? Or was he a bit of jerk when he talked to her? Who knows, but the fact that it had to get to this point is a sad commentary on the state of youth sports.

Here’s more from the Middletown Press:

A woman is facing a breach of peace charge after she allegedly twisted the arm of her son’s assistant Little League coach in a disagreement over a decision to switch the position her son was playing in a game, police said Tuesday. Janeen D’Amore, 41, of 146 Summer Lane, turned herself in after learning of an arrest warrant.

D’Amore said she didn’t twist the coach’s arm, and was simply trying to apologize to him. The assistant coach, Jason Pniewski, 36, of North Haven, did not return calls seeking comment. The incident occurred June 7 at the Clintonville Elementary School field, according to Capt. James Merrithew.

D’Amore had left the school field with her son and then returned, approaching Pniewski, Merrithew said. The coach reported to police that D’Amore “twisted his forearm when she returned, causing minor pain.”

The dispute occurred when D’Amore objected to Pniewski changing the position her son was playing during the game, Merrithew said. The boy, 8, said he would rather go home than play that position, to which Pniewski responded that if he went home he would not play in the next game, Merrithew said. Pniewski then realized D’Amore was behind him and asked her to take her son home. The two exchanged words, Merrithew said. According to police, D’Amore returned without her son about 15 minutes later. A witness told police that she “walked aggressively” toward Pniewski and began to argue with him, but D’Amore said she returned to the field to apologize.

Prior to leaving, she said she heard Pniewski tell her son to “get on the field” or he wouldn’t play the following week. D’Amore said she jokingly responded, “OK, we won’t come … and then he bit my head off. I was really surprised. He started verbally attacking me.”