Dad Shows Up Late for Little League Game, Brawls With Coach

Dumbass Category LogoEverybody who has a kid playing in youth sports goes to the games to watch their kid play. Unfortunately, with rules the way they are today, everyone gets to play, meaning at some point your kid will be out of the game. And if you show up late, you might not get to see junior play at all. For one North Carolina father, the pain of not getting to see his son play baseball will likely lead to some jail time where he will likely see even less of the boy.

Here’s more from the WECT:

43-year-old Gary Merritt of Raleigh is facing assault charges stemming from something that happened at the end of his son’s game on Monday night. According to the official report filed by a Wilson Police Officer, Merritt started a fight with his son’s coach during the post-game meeting. Merritt apparently arrived after his son had already played in the game and got was upset that the coach did not put his back into the game.