Youth Baseball Coach Arrested for Attacking Umpire

Dumbass Category LogoAbout the only good thing we can say about this incident is that at least it happened during a championship game and not a regular T-ball game between 5-year-olds. Still, not a good example to set for the kids there fella.

A Union City coach was arrested last week after he tried to attack an umpire, officials said. Jose Polanco, 43, of Bergenline Avenue, was reportedly ejected from a June 18 Cal Ripken Baseball League championship game at Washington Park on Second Street after cursing and threatening an umpire because he didn’t agree with a call the umpire made, reports said.

Forty-five minutes later, at approximately 9:30 p.m., when the game was over, Polanco reportedly lunged at the umpire and attempted to punch him. The umpire, Joe McSorely, 37, says it’s not the first time Polanco has tried to attack someone, which is why he signed a complaint against him, he said.

“He should never be able to coach a kid again,” said McSorely, an umpire with Union City for the last four years.

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