Golf Tournament Interrupted by Car Chase – Video!

Nothing like having a Jeep coming at you on a golf course to put a little pressure on you when you’re putting for a birdie. At right, Issa Alyan, the man who used his Cherokee as a golf cart.

A golf tournament to kick off the Suncoast Superboat Grand Prix festival turned into a high speed chase on the fairway Saturday. Witnesses say a man being chased by sheriff’s deputies drove right onto the green and directly at hundreds of golfers. They say a Jeep Cherokee crashed through the gates of Heritage Oaks off the Bee Ridge Extention and drove onto the golf course, circling around the green twice, with golfers and spectators hiding behind trees to avoid being hit.

They say the whole police chase lasted 20 minutes; but luckily no one was seriously injured. 140 people were on the course at the time. “I was out here on 18 green…that’s when I saw a Cherokee coming down the fairway with two cop cars behind in hot pursuit,” says pro golfer Joe Angelo.

“Went through the green, scattered the foursome that was there, and then went towards the clubhouse and back around, I believe twice before crashing through the main gate,” says witness Jaime Wood.

Source – MySunCoast

Watch video below: