Painful Sports Video: 18 Players Ejected In Brawl During Serbian League Finals

Ah, there’s nothing like basket-brawl. Especially when the fighting ends with so many players being ejected that the game ends in a three-on-three. Here’s more from (video below):

Apparently European players are taking it to heart when Americans claim that the overseas game just isn’t as physical or tension filled as the NBA. In yet another ugly international incident, upwards of 18 players in the Serbian League Finals were ejected in an unbelievable brawl, which forced Game 2 of the series to be played out as a 3-on-3 match-up in the game’s final minutes.

Just two weeks ago brought you a video of the carnage surrounding some irate fans throwing explosive devices at players and referees during the Greek League Finals. Now, a battle royale type melee which would make Vince McMahon of the WWE proud, ensues between the Serbs. All of these unfortunate instances just gives international basketball another black eye for their sport and may facilitate a number of top players like Linus Kleiza and Josh Childress to flee in exodus back towards the NBA.

As for the incident in question, while battling for position for a rebound, two opposing players feet get tangled and both players hit the floor. Apparently one takes offense and takes a swing as both are still on the floor. As both chest bump and sissy slap each-other, after getting back on their feet, benches empty as a vicious array of headlocks and judo jabs ensue before officials can help regain order to the game.