Men Accused of Stealing 18K From Youth Football League

As usual, we’re not surprised to learn that someone has stolen money from a youth sports league. What surprises us is the amount people like these two former officers of the Boone County Youth Football league were able to make off with without anyone noticing: $18,000. Admittedly, not as much as some of the embezzlement stories reported, but still quite a bit of cash for the folks in Lebanon, Indiana. And what did these two idiots spend the money on? Trips to Vegas or sports cars and hot chicks? Nope. Household expenses, according to police.

Damned economy. Here’s more from the Indianapolis Star:

Chris Shockley, 39, and Adam Roberts, 35, were charged with three felony counts of theft in a warrant issued Friday in Boone Superior Court, police said. Police said the charges are the result of a two-month investigation into money discovered missing when new officers were elected to the organization. After examining the group’s financial records, the football league board contacted the Lebanon Police Department. Investigators believe the men used the money primarily for household expenses, police said.