HS Track Coach Sneaks Into Girl’s Bedroom, Gives Her Hickeys

Ah, those dreaded hickeys are always a dead give away . . . especially when you’re a 15-year-old girl dating your 23-year-old track coach. Dude couldn’t even spring for a motel room: she had to leave her window open so he could slip into her bedroom after midnight and make-out with her.

At right, the mug shot picture of Mr. Romance, Allen J. Morris.

While helping coach the Orfordville Parkview High School track team, Allen J. Morris is suspected of talking with a team member on Facebook. The 23-year-old man is accused of developing the Facebook friendship into a relationship, eventually meeting the 15-year-old girl at Footville Park and at her home.

They are suspected of kissing at the park, kissing near the school’s choir room and later having sexual contact when Morris sneaked into her bedroom after a track meet. According to the criminal complaint:

Morris and the girl began their relationship in March, and it lasted three to four weeks. After a track meet in April, the girl invited Morris to come over to her house. She left her bedroom window open, and Morris came in between midnight and 2 a.m. The girl’s family was home sleeping.

The two watched a movie on the girl’s bed and kissed. Morris gave the girl hickeys on her neck. The sexual contact then progressed. The girl’s mother saw the hickeys, but the girl told her mom they were from a boy on the track team.

Source – Gazette Extra