Dumbass Comments

This is the kind of crap that I just don’t understand. Someone thinks this comment on one of our recent posts is going to slip by me as if it had anything to do with bad jocks (we changed the link to the website):

I need better in judgement the precise one. I haven’t met any escort maiden in time to come but I visited some date sites some heyday ago and became interested in one piece – http://badjocks.com
Maybe someone knows anything about her? I am asking this because this is prevailing to be my first conference and I am not convinced if it’s the best choise for the first time. I craving to take a holiday some info apropos this girl.

So scammers: don’t waste your time leaving this in the comments section after the posts. It won’t make it.

UPDATE: More Dumbass Comments

And then, as soon as I say something, the scammers go into high gear. We deleted a bunch already and then we came across this one which at least tries to be on a sports topic. It was posted to “High School Lacrosse Players Suspended After Posting Boozing Pictures on Facebook”:

5 Apr 2010 Despite learning over the weekend about death threats emailed to her (the FBI says the man sending the messages lives on the East Coast),Erin Andrews’ father says the death threats directed at his daughter make him sick so much so that he feels like. Why Are So Many Creeps Drawn to Erin Andrews? Posted Apr 5th 2010 7:28PM by Joel Keller What is it about Andrews that draws so many sleazebags to her? Erin Andrews has had a really tough year. First she was secretly videotaped. And now the ESPN reporter is getting death threats. ‘Inside Edition’ (wee. Andrews’ attorney Marshall Grossman said last week that since ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews, right, and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy perform on the. Erin Andrews Peephole Pictures 15 Mar 2010 Michael Barrett, who’s famous for filming the nude peephole videos of ESPN’s Erin Andrews, is being sentenced today in Los Angeles. Erin Andrews Peephole Images
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Again, what does that have to do with HS Lacrosse Players? Nothing. Just trying to bury some links to their website on BadJocks. Besides, who hasn’t seen the peep hole videos or pics of Erin Andrews already?