World Cup Soccer: Player Fakes Hit to Face to Get Opponent Thrown Out – Kaka, Keita

This is why American’s hate soccer. (And surprisingly why they love professional wrestling. Strange.) When the referee’s back is turned looking at the action elsewhere, you get close to the top player on the opposing team (in this case Brazil’s Kaka), let him brush up against your chest with is hand and then fall to the ground, writhing in pain as if he hit you in the face. The ref comes over, sees you screaming like a little girl and asks you who the mean old boy was who hit you. Bingo! Red card for that meanie and off he goes.

At least in pro wrestling most of us expect to be fake and eventually someone will pull a foreign object out of their trunks and really give it to the faker.

We can only hope someone in the future will do that to the player on the Ivory Coast team who pulled this stunt on international television. And really, if soccer’s governing body FIFA doesn’t overrule the red card and send the faker packing that will tell you all you need to know about this sport.