Man Says Cause of Drunk Driving Wreck Was Two 40-Ouncers and the NBA Finals

Dumbass Category LogoThat’s it, go ahead an blame the NBA Finals on your drinking problem! You’d be just like this guy from the Los Angeles area who crashed his 350Z into three parked cars after Game 6 on Tuesday. His excuse (or is it more like bragging)? That he had only downed two 40-ounce cans of beer while watching the game.

The real bummer in all this? All three cars he ran into were owned by the same guy! Try and explain that one to your car insurance company.

A man was arrested after he crashed a new Nissan 350Z into three parked cars in Gardena, allegedly telling police that he had two 40-ounce beers while watching the Lakers beat the Celtics late Tuesday. The driver, whose name was withheld by police, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, Hillard said. An officer at the scene told an RMG News camera crew the driver admitted drinking two 40-ounce beers while watching the Lakers at a friend’s house.

Source – Daily Breeze