Former ESPN Employee/Steve Phillips “Girlfriend” Told to Get Used to Sexual Harassement Culture at Network

You all remember Brooke Hundley, don’t you? She was the young ESPN production assistant whose revelations about an affair with baseball analyst Steve Phillips rocked the “Worldwide Leader in Sexual Harassment Lawsuits” and ended with his dismissal. She is now suing the network for back wages she’s owed and the emotional distress of all of this and asking for–wait for it–$15,000.

Yes, you read that right: 15 grand.

Look, Brooke. We’re not telling you how to run your life, but that seems a little low to us. Not that we think you should sue them for millions, but if what your saying is the cable network ruined your career, that’s not putting much of a price tag on your future. But 15 Gs? ESPN blows that much each day on hairspray, and that’s just for Chris Berman But hey, your lawyer looks pretty sharp, so we’ll just let him handle all details and collect his small retainer fee.

Watch the video of Brooke on the CBS Early Show.