More Little League Gun Play: Dad Pulls Gun on Coach Over Playing Time

It is still early in the summer, but we have already had a record number of assaults and gun play at youth baseball games this summer, many that appear to be related to playing time. Actually, a lack of playing time from the parent’s perspective seems to be the issue. But really, has anyone ever succeeded in getting their kid more time on the field by spending time in jail?

The state Department of Safety has suspended the handgun permit of a Memphis man accused of pointing a pistol at his son’s baseball coach. 29-year-old Nicholis Williams had been asked to leave his 10-year-old son’s baseball game on June 5 after cursing about the boy not getting as many at-bats as other players.

After the game, coach Joe Powell walked to Williams’ car and the two argued before Williams pulled a gun from under his floor mat and pointed it at Powell. The coach disarmed Williams and the father left the parking lot.

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