Entire Season Canceled for Canadian College Football Team Accused of Steroid Use

Just like those wacky Canadians to take things WAY to far! Just look what they did to their bacon! On the other hand, after this incident, we might see a lot more interest in Canadian college players by the NFL, especially the Bengals.

The University of Waterloo Warriors football team will miss the entire 2010-2011 season over steroid violations. As many as nine potential doping violations were discovered during a mass test of 62 football players from the University of Waterloo, resulting in suspension of the team’s activities for the upcoming season.

In addition, two players from the team received suspensions and a former player faces charges in a police probe into steroid trafficking. The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, Canadian Interuniversity Sport and the University of Waterloo held a news conference Monday to announce the findings of a sweeping probe of players in the university’s football program on March 31. More than 80 urine and blood samples were taken, resulting in nine infractions. The test was instituted by the school.

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