Video: Vince Young Fighting at Strip Club

Apparently, if you want to make Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince “Low Wonderlic Score” Young angry, all you have to do is disrespect the University of Texas where he played. Watching the video below, Young showed more emotion at a Dallas area strip club than he did the last two seasons playing for the Titans.

Here’s more on the story from USA Today (video below)

The last thing Roger Goodell needed was another high-profile player involved in an incident in a strip club. Any high-profile player and any incident. This time time it was Titans quarterback Vince Young.

Young was given a Class C assault citation after being involved in a 3 a.m. fight at a Dallas strip club, striking a man in the face. The video seems to show the man flashing an upside down “hook ‘em horns” sign. Young won a national title at Texas.

No was arrested and the police said a Class C assault is like a “traffic citation” with a fine not to exceed $500.