College Wrestler Throws Puke Filled Condoms at Campus Cops

Doing this site for more than ten years makes you think that you’ve heard it all and seen it all. And then you have a day like today and you can’t believe what you’re reading. According to police, Tyler J. Wilfley, a wrestler at North Central College (IL) has already had some run-ins with the law, most notably a minor in possession charge last fall where his blood alcohol level registered a whopping .141 %. No record, but not bad for a college kid. Then, this past month, a campus cop received a call at 2 am to escort a young woman across campus and was asked to meet her at a parking garage. When he showed up, there was no girl, but he did get greeted by several condoms . . . filled with vomit. Seriously, who thinks of sh*t like this?

Eventually the cops tracked down the cell number of the “female student” and it led them to Wilfley who is now charged with battery and disorderly conduct. At right, the mug shot of young Tyler J. Wilfley.

Here’s more on the story from The Daily Herald:

Police said the security officer did not see the female student when he arrived. When he got out of his vehicle to look around for the woman, at least two vomit-filled condoms were thrown at him, police said. The contents of the condoms struck the officer’s vehicle and got on the officer’s clothes, police said.

Sgt. Gregg Bell said investigators traced the number of the phone the female student used back to a male North Central College student, who implicated Wilfley, who comes from Downs, a town about five miles southeast of Bloomington. According to the college’s website, Wilfley is a member of the college’s wrestling team who notched an 8-4 record with one pin in the 165-pound weight class this year.