Naked Man Taunts Crowd at Motorcycle Race

Dumbass Category LogoAh, there’s nothing like being outside at a sporting event, enjoying the atmosphere in the sunshine, hearing the roar of the crowd, taking in the angry naked man on a nearby building taunting you. Wait. What?

Dude, put some pants on! No one wants to see your small wiener! (Does it surprise anyone that alcohol was involved in this incident from the UK, home of the sports streaker?)

A 44-year-old man has admitted taking his clothes off on top of a building and exposing himself to crowds enjoying the North West 200 motorbike races. Gavin Warren, of Carginagh Road, Kilkeel, pleaded guilty to indecent behaviour in a public place.

A prosecution lawyer said he climbed onto the derelict Metropole building in Portrush where he shouted obscenities and “removed all his clothes”. His defence lawyer said it was alcohol-related and he was very embarrassed.