Assistant Soccer Coach Pulls Gun on Angry Parents

For a long time, parents of young athletes thought they could berate and demean their kid’s coaches without fear of any backlash. Really, what were they going to do?

Well, now we have the answer: they can pull a damn gun on your overly involved ass!

We’re not saying it’s right, we’re just saying that after seeing some of these people in action, we can understand–but not condone–this guy’s actions.

An assistant coach for the Fruitport Soccer Club will go to trial after allegedly pulling a gun on a parent at a game. James Sherrill on Tuesday was bound over to circuit court. He was arraigned last month on one count of felonious assault. Authorities said several parents confronted James Sherrill at Pine Park on May 15 after witnessing the coach yelling and swearing at the boys, ages 8-10, who were playing a game.

After the initial confrontation was broken up, another parent, Adam Eikenberry, approached Sherrill as he was leaving. That is when police said Sherrill pulled a concealed 9mm handgun from its holster and pointed it at Eikenberry.

Source – Wood TV 8