Drunk HS Coach Calls Female Player, Asks for Ride Home From Bar

Dumbass Category LogoWell, at least you can look at the bright side of this: at least he didn’t drive home drunk. On the other hand, he claims he was trying to call his mommy for a ride home from the bar when he “accidentally” dialed one of the players on the soccer team at Central High School in Brookville, FL. The victim in this case disputes the claim and after this little incident came to light, others on the team started accusing the coach/culinary arts teacher, Jason Gray, about various other inappropriate acts and statements to his players. In the end it sounds like the school had no other choice but to remove Gray . . . or hire him a designated driver.

In the second incident involving a coach calling and texting teenage athletes this year, Jason Gray, a central soccer coach and culinary arts teacher, will no longer be at CHS following the April incident when he called a student’s cell phone after a night of drinking. In his formal letter of reprimand from Superintendent Bryan Blavatt, Gray was directed not to contact the girl the rest of the year.

“Specifically, you contacted a female student via cell phone. While you claim this was in error, you proceeded to engage in text messaging with the student,” Blavatt wrote. “You exercised poor judgment in your professional responsibilities.” According to the investigation, Gray, who was a first-year coach and teacher at the school, was out with friends watching hockey on a Friday night in April when he needed a ride home.

Having been drinking, he told Heather Martin, executive director of business services, that he accidentally called one of his female athletes instead of his mother to ask for a ride home. However, accounts of how Gray handled the incident differ. Gray said once he realized who he had called, he hung up and then apologized through texts. He also detailed to district officials the timeline of what transpired.

He said he didn’t remember details about what he said to the teen. Other than that night, he said he never called or texted the girl unless it was soccer related during the season. The female student claimed Gray called her while at a friend’s house and that when she asked Gray if he knew who he was talking to. Gray answered, “I know it’s you (name blacked out).”

“I told him I had to be home by one o’clock and that I wasn’t going to,” the girl said. “He then said, ‘You really aren’t going to do this for me?’ And I said ‘no’ and hung up.”

CHS Principal Joe Clifford wrote in his report that when he asked Gray about the incident, the coach told him he didn’t remember who he called that evening and that if he had called the teen, he didn’t remember. “He stated that he’d blacked out and didn’t remember anything,” Clifford wrote. “I commented that if he, in fact, did not remember the context of his behaviors on Friday evening, he might need to explore his drinking behaviors as ‘blackouts’ were an indication of a serious concern.”

Gray said Tuesday he didn’t black out and that he didn’t mean to sound like he didn’t know what occurred Friday. He added he was nervous because he had then discovered that he was being investigated. Also of concern by school officials were witness statements from the girl and other soccer players who claimed Gray made inappropriate comments.

Following the phone call incident, two girls from the team claimed Gray stated which girl he would like to have sex with from the team if he could choose only one. They also claim he would make inappropriate comments about the girls’ body parts.

Source – Hernando Today

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