Two Naughty Cheerleaders at Same School: One Busted for Booze, the Other for Weed

The long “naughty cheerleader” dry spell is over with the busting of two girls at Taft High School in Texas. Yeah!

One of the girls got caught in your typical drug bust for smoking weed. The other, however, was showing off her entrepreneurial spirit at school by selling wristbands using social media (in this case Facebook.) Unfortunately, the wristbands were not for a squad fundraiser or local charity event. According to school officials the effort was a way to make money to pre-pay for booze at a party the cheerleader was having. One of those great “Seems Like a Good Idea at the Time” stories.

Two cheerleaders at Taft High School were busted for promoting parties and having drugs on campus. A 17-year old cheerleader was suspended for three days after posting Facebook updates about selling wristbands for a party serving alcohol. Ann*, a concerned parent, says her student was confronted by the teen at school.

“She said, hey would you like to buy one? So she asked what it was for, and [the cheerleader] was like, to buy alcohol for the party,” Ann said. This comes on the heels of another investigation of a different cheerleader who was arrested for having marijuana on campus. “This student was assigned to the alternate high school as a consequence for this offense,” explains Northside ISD spokesperson Pascual Gonzalez. “Because it was a first time offense, she is back at Taft High School now.”

Source – WOAI