HS Baseball Coach Accused of Getting Girl, 15, Drunk to Have Sex With Her

High School Coach Sex Scandal LogoDude! That might have seemed like a cool idea when you were 15, but a 23-year-old man (and paid high school baseball coach) should have better game than that, bro.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying that it’s okay when you’re 15 to try and get a girl drunk, but at that point there are lots of stupid ideas running around in your head that you think about but never act on. Like becoming a super hero or selling weed for a living. At 23, those dreams are just sad.

The coach, Christopher Atkinson, is 23. He was arrested outside his home in Thousand Oaks, police said. In addition to being a baseball coach, where he reportedly met the female in question, he was also a campus supervisor. Authorities said he also kept in contact with the girl via MySpace. Police say Atkinson arranged to meet the girl at his home. They say he plied her with alcohol and then sexually assaulted her.

Source – CBS 2