Coach Accused of Taking Money from Howlin’ Hunnies Dance Team at NC State

NC State's Howlin' HunniesWhat a great name for a college dance team: The Howlin’ Hunnies. Too bad their dancing days are over for a a while after their coach decided she needed money the squad raised (over $20,000 by some reports) more than the dancers did.

How will they buy new skimpy costumes now? Won’t someone think of the children. At right, some of the now poorer Howlin’ Hunnies in action. Makes you sad, doesn’t it?

Below, the mug shot of one Jamila K. Wright, the dance coach in question.

The coach of N.C. State University’s dance team, Jamila K. Wright, has been charged with embezzling $21,000 from the team, according to an arrest warrant. Wright, 27, of 1536 Sunbow Falls Lane, Apt. 305, Raleigh, was arrested Wednesday, and released on $2,000 bail. She could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.

The warrant said Wright took the money between December 2007 and February of this year. According to an NCSU bio graphy online, Wright graduated from the university in 2004 after spending four years on the team. She was a collegiate All American twice and was captain of the team her junior year and performed in the NFL ProBowl halftime show in 2000.

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