Video: Did Cyclist Cheat With Motorized Bike? – Fabian Cancellara

Geez! Is there anyone in the sport of professional cycling who ISN’T cheating these days? Reports of the sports icon Lance Armstrong being associated with blood doping, others accused of using performance enhancing substances, and now this: a bike with a motor inside! No really, there’s a video in a foreign language and everything that proves it.

Yes, like you, we were skeptical at first until we saw this Italian video that not only shows what appears to be visual evidence of Fabian Cancellara in Tour of Flanders and in Paris Roubaix, but also provides a great step-by-step how to video clearing showing everyone how to do this themselves. By Sunday night we bet your kid will be whizzing along at 50 mph down the highway and not breaking a sweat.

The real question is: if it’s this easy and simple to motorize a bicycle, why don’t we start mass manufacturing these babies for everyone to ride to work? Forget the stupid Segways.

Oh, and the other real question is: is anyone in pro cycling not a cheater? We would say at this point “it sure looks like it!”

Watch the video below and try not to get hungry for a great pizza. We dare you!