Painful Sports Video: Mexican Wrestler Punches Meddling Fan in Face

An astute BadJocks reader, Oyetoso Nwaka, found this video gem from the strange world of Mexican Professional Wrestling. Hard to tell exactly what is going on here, but looks like the giant guy in the skeleton costume was knocked out of the ring buy another large person and, while seated waiting for his punishment, an over zealous fan tried to pull his mask off.

Oh no he didn’t!

At that point, what’s a wrestler supposed to do but punch the guy in the face, right? Hulk Hogan woulda done the same think. Fortunately, the video shows the punch over and over again and at least once in super slow motion.

We also agree with many of the fan comments on the video which include:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA que chingadazote hhahahaha super pro bien por el video y buen madrazote juju ya me hicieron el dia con el video!!!


Se paso de pendejo el don,pero luego luego se ve que esta hasta la madre de alcohol,y pues la park reacciono,aunque con un golpe menos cabron hubiera entendido de todos modos me hizo reir,para que me hago wei.

You said it brother!