Thank You, Come Again: South African Hotel Workers Rob Colombian Soccer Team

picture of cash

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It’s not just soccer players getting ready for the 2010 World Cup. Hotel workers in South Africa appear to be practicing their skills at stealing from unsuspecting players and fans. Unfortunately for these two, they still have some work to do to on their criminal skills.

The Colombian football team has been robbed in South Africa two weeks before the start of the World Cup. The team lost £1,800 pounds worth of U.S. dollars and euros on Tuesday after players were targeted at their hotel in Johannesburg. Two female workers at the five star Hyde Park Southern Sun were arrested for allegedly taking the cash from the players’ suitcases after they arrived to play an international friendly against South Africa. Police spokesman Eugene Opperman said the pair had been charged with theft and appeared in court. He said: ‘They are accused of taking the money after going through suitcases and bags in several rooms on May 25.

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