Cop Arrested for Headbutting Little League Coach Over “Playing Time”

Dumbass Category LogoHeadbutting another person is almost never a good idea. Headbutting the coach of your kid’s Little League team because junior isn’t getting enough playing time? REALLY Not a good idea, especially if you’re a cop.

“During the course of the game, Mr. Collins became upset, something about playing time,” Lake County Sheriff Daniel Dunlap said. After the game, Collins approached the coach and began arguing. Witnesses told sheriff’s deputies that the coach said he was finished bickering and tried to end the argument.

Then, Collins headbutted him, followed the coach to the ground and continued to flail at him, Dunlap said. “(Collins) claims he was either belly bumped or kneed in the groin first,” Dunlap said. However, the sheriff added, the game’s umpire and other impartial witnesses all said that it was Collins who started the fight.

Collins was arrested, charged with assault and released on a recognizance bond. His preliminary appearance in Painesville Municipal Court is scheduled for Tuesday. If convicted, he could face any punishment from community control to a six months in jail.

Source – News Herald