HS Softball Coach, Two Players Arrested for Fight at Game

It used to be, you either had to taunt your opponents in person, or maybe spray some graffiti on their school. Today, the taunting is being done online, with sites like Facebook and Twitter as the weapons of choice. Is that what happened to prompt a fight between a coach and several players at a girls softball game in Connecticut? Here’s more from the story from The Day:

A Bacon Academy softball coach and two opposing players were arrested Monday after a fight that police said started warming up long before the first pitch. Montville police were called to the high school just before 6 p.m. for a report of a disturbance following the softball game. Lt. Leonard Bunnell said the incident involved a large fight that resulted in three arrests but no injuries. Bunnell said the fight stemmed from “something that has been brewing for while, fermenting on Facebook.”

Mark Correia, 49, of 54 Heatherwood Drive, Colchester, and a player from each team was charged with breach of peace. The players’ names were not released because they are youthful offenders.