Woman Accused of Embezzling $30,000 From Green Bay Swim Club

picture of cash

Photo Courtesy stopnlook at Flickr.com

As always, the thing that surprises us most about these kinds of stories is not that people are desperate enough to steal from other people’s kids, it’s the large amounts of cash these soccer clubs, Little Leagues (or in this case, a swim club) have laying around that no one really notices are missing, sometimes for YEARS. Can you imagine just misplacing 30 grand from your personal account or one of the accounts at your office? And yet, we trust people to handle these large (and often unreported to the IRS) piles of cash with no regulation or oversight.

A woman awaiting a Wednesday hearing on a charge that she embezzled $30,000 from the Green Bay Swim Club had her probation revoked Monday on an earlier fraud charge. Vicki Patterson, 36, formerly known as Vicki Vandenbusch, must spend six months in the Brown County Jail, Brown County Judge Tim Hinkfuss said.

The revocation was because of the new charges of embezzlement and because Patterson violated terms of her probation on the fraud case by failing to tell her probation agent that she was taking a job that would require her to handle the swim club’s money, Hinkfuss said. The fraud conviction stems from a June 20, 2008, incident in which Patterson opened a new account at an area bank and deposited an $8,000 check purportedly drawn on her husband’s business account, then tried to withdraw money from the new account. The business account had actually been closed for two years, and there was no money backing the $8,000 check, according to the complaint.