Golfers Bean Canoeist in Head With Ball, Run Away

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Wonder if this ever happened to Tiger Woods? We mean, on the golf course, of course. We’re sure in his many escapades in Vegas he’s seen a woman in a canoe bloodied and knocked unconscious by an errant tee shot. That’s like the second most popular show after the Blue Man Group, right?

Whoever these guys are, they should probably be looking for a lawyer at this point because they could be charged with assault.

Debbie Longen and her husband, Bernie, were in their canoe Sunday evening in Forest Lake, Minn. when she was struck. Their fishing trip on Shields Lake collided with a round of golf at Forest Hills Golf Course at about 8 p.m.

“We heard a ker-plunk in the water. We didn’t pay much attention to it,” Debbie Longen said. She paid attention, though, shortly thereafter. “I thought at first I’d been shot but then it dawned on me I’d been hit by a golf ball.” “Next thing you know I heard a ping and, smack, Debbie flew of the seat face down in the canoe,” Bernie Longen said.

The two were about 100 yards from the 15th hole when it happened. They saw four young men and two carts nearby. “The blood came down her face and shirt and started to pool in the canoe,” Bernie Longen said. “Their only comment was, ‘We were hitting the ball that way,’ and I just said, ‘B.S.’ Next, Bernie said they got in their carts and left.

Source – WCCO
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