Video: Oakland Cops Bannded From Boxing Matches After Brawl – Badge vs. Badge

Usually, the cops are the ones at sporting events arrested those behaving badly. But not at a Bay Area event called “Badge vs. Badge” fights, where officers from different agencies box. Apparently the fans of one Oakland officer moved from trash talking to fist throwing and now the officers from the Oakland PD have been banned from the event.

Watch the video for yourself after this info from the San Jose Mercury News:

A boxing match for law enforcement officers turned chaotic when supporters of an Oakland Police Department fighter escalated trash-talking into what turned into a shouting and shoving match that involved dozens of spectators. Fight fans and organizers were harshly critical of off-duty Oakland police at the Sacramento Radisson during Friday night’s “Badge vs. Badge” fights, and while fans said they were unsure whether those rooting for Oakland police fighters were officers or simply friends and relatives, event organizers said the troublemakers were police. As a result of the fracas, Oakland police officers are banned from fights sanctioned by the International Association of Boxing until a review of video footage is complete, said Steve Fosum, the association’s president.

“It was totally instigated by Oakland PD, no doubt in my mind,” said Fosum, who was in the ring Friday night. “They chose to be jerks instead of law enforcement. This was not an embarrassment to Badge versus Badge. This was not an embarrassment to law enforcement. This was an embarrassment to Oakland PD.”