Mom & New Boyfriend Stab Ex-Husband at Little League Game: “It’s Not Your Week!”

Dumbass Category LogoDivorce can be messy and sometimes, like this case, bloody. As unfortunate as that is, it’s REALLY unfortunate when the bickering between alleged adults goes public and the hate turns into a stabbin’.

A little league baseball game in Vallejo turned into a brawl as an ex-wife and her new boyfriend turned on the ex-husband; stabbing him repeatedly, according to police. It happened Sunday at a 6 p.m. game.

The ex-husband, 27-year old Jacob Wells, was talking to his son. The ex-wife, Katherine Wildman, reportedly said, “it’s not your week, you can’t talk to him.” They begin arguing in the stands. Wildman allegedly pulled out a sharp object – possibly a small knife – and stabbed him repeatedly in the upper neck and back of his head. Her new boyfriend, 24-year old Joshua Gonzales, jumped in, police said. He allegedly grabbed a screwdriver out of his truck and also started stabbing Wells – chiping the bone in his elbow.

Source – CBS5