Carmel Hazing Update: Victim May Sue School for $2.5 Million

Carmel High School, Carmel Indiana

Ever wondered why schools should be concerned about a little “horseplay that got out of hand” as hazing is often referred to? We’ll give you 2.5 million reasons.

School districts who don’t have anti-hazing policies (or worse, don’t enforce them) will always be vulnerable to these kinds of lawsuits. Is it always fair? No, but it’s the way of the world these days and if you ignore the hazing that is going on (and believe us, it happens at every school) you do so at great risk. Just as the administration at Carmel High School just outside of Indianapolis.

The family of one of the three accusers in the Carmel hazing case is threatening a two-and-a-quarter-million-dollar lawsuit.  Attorneys for the accuser’s family filed a required notice of a potential suit against the school district last month. The district released the three-page document Friday as part of a release of public records in the case.

The notice reveals the family is listing sexual harassment as one potential ground for suing, a claim that would place the case under the federal civil rights law. The document filed by attorney Robert Turner charges the Carmel-Clay Schools have “a lengthy history of sexual abuse and bullying,” and accuses coaches and faculty of providing “no supervision whatsoever” in the school locker room.

A middle page detailing the specific accusations was deleted from the publicly released version of the document.  Four basketball players have been indicted on misdemeanor charges of recklessness, with three of the four charged with battery as well. The charges accuse the players of assaulting three students in the room, with two players accused of attacking Turner’s client on a team bus following a game at South Vigo on January 22.

Carmel Accuser Could Seek $2.25M in Suit | Indy’s News Center – 93.1 WIBC Indianapolis – Live. Local. First.

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