Cops: Girls HS Volleyball Coach Bought Booze for Players

Since the legal drinking age in most states was bumped to 21, it’s not uncommon for teens to ask the adults they know (other than their parents, mind you) to buy booze for them, especially on special occasions like a dance or prom. So, who could blame the players at Pomperaug High School for asking their coach for some assistance? The fact that she agreed is what makes this a story (actually the fact that she got caught), but what’s really interesting is that–according to police–the story doesn’t end with that one incident. Authorities day that Jennifer Jackson also let some teens drink out of a coffee cup that the kids said contained something known as “bubble gum vodka” while she was supposed to be a chaperon at a dance.  If that’s true, we’re not sure Coach Jackson really understands the role of chaperon is at these types of events.

Pomperaug High School basketball coach Jennifer Jackson, charged earlier this month by town police for allegedly procuring alcohol for two team members, now faces additional charges because she allegedly supplied drinks to several students at a school dance in Watertown.  The 32-year-old mathematics teacher was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment and delivery of alcohol to a minor as a result of an investigation by Watertown police that stemmed from the original arrest.  Southbury police said Jackson, who also coaches girls volleyball at the high school, supplied two bottles of vodka to two team members who were planning to attend a semi-formal dance for seniors held Feb. 6 in Watertown. The players told police that the liquor changed hands on a cul-de-sac in Watertown.  Jackson also attended the dance and allowed several students to drink out of a coffee cup that the students said contained “bubble gum vodka,” according to Watertown police.

Source – NewTimes