Softball Coach Makes Players Drink Soda From Softball Shoe

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Another one of those “it was a joke” incidents that no one thinks is funny. Yes, we’ve heard of high school jocks doing much worse things to each other, and also coaches ordering kids to do even stupider things than this. But really, what is the point the kids are supposed to learn from this? Always keep a spare drinking cup with you? Keep your cleats so clean you can drink from them in an emergency?

Likely the only life lesson to be learned as a result of this incident will be by the coach herself.

A South Tahoe High softball coach required any player who struck out in a May 1 game to drink soda out of a shoe, school officials have confirmed. Eight varsity players who struck out against the Wooster Colts in that game at Todd Fields were required by coach Anneliese Neitling to drink soda pop out of a team member’s softball cleat at a team slumber party that night.  The Tahoe Daily Trib une contacted Neitling on Wednesday and she re fused to comment. She did not return additional phone calls before deadline Thursday.

James Tarwater, the superintendent of Lake Tahoe Unified School District, interpreted the action as a young coach’s mistake.  “It was meant as a joke and obviously it went too far,” said Tarwater, whose office received one par ental complaint about the incident.

SOURCE: Coach makes players who strike out drink soda out of softball shoe |
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