Naughty Middle School Cheerleader Punished With "Scold the Dog" Treatment

Screw up in gym class? Yeah, that’s a couple of extra laps.  Mouth off to the coach? Probably worse. But a punishment for middle school cheerleaders that results in hand blisters? We’re not so sure that someone in authority didn’t go a little overboard with their punishment this time.

Center Hill Middle School in Olive Branch is in the middle of controversy. A cheerleader reportedly ended up with serious hand blisters from a punishment called ‘Scold the Dog’.  Kim Joyce never heard of it. But she’s heard about what it did. “The severity of it. The severity of the actual injury. I am not sure who the actual coach was, but I am not sure if she knew it was that bad,” says Joyce.

The cheerleaders were reportedly told to walk back and forth across the gym floor on their hands and one foot, resulting in blisters.
The Desoto County School system released a statement saying, “The matter is under investigation. Disciplinary procedures are being reviewed. The conditioning drill was never intended to cause harm to the student.”

The system says drills are common in most athletics. Students know if they don’t perform they will have to do extra laps.  “It’s a lot of hard work,” says Debra Powell. She has been training dancers and cheerleaders for twenty years.

SOURCE: Desoto County Schools, Education, Cheerleading, Center Hill Middle School – WREG
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