Caught on Tape: HS Cheerleaders Attack, Assault Rival Over Boy

We were just thinking the other day that it’s been a very quiet year so far in 2010 for Naughty Cheerleaders and then this story broke: a couple of girls from Reeths Puffer High School (Michigan) not attacked another girl on the cheerleading squad, they had a third girl record the assault on a cell phone. Now, the two girls are suspended and their could be criminal charges. The cause of all this commotion? The victim was apparently spending too much time with her new boyfriend and not enough time with the girls.

The link below includes a brief clip of the 22 second assault video. At right a still from that tape.

A confrontation among a group of cheerleaders, turns into an assault at a Muskegon County high school. The confrontation took place at Reeths Puffer High School and was caught on another student’s cell phone. Now, two of the girls are facing criminal charges.

It all started as an argument between one of the cheerleaders and a few of her teammates. “It’s heartwrenching,” says Dot McGarey. Her 14-year old daughter, Courtney, was the one assaulted. “And these girls have been friends for a very long time.”  McGarey says the friendships started to go bad when Courtney started spending more time with her boyfriend and less time with her best friends. “And the girls kind of went their separate ways and started hanging out with different groups of people.”

Eventually, there were rumors about some of the girls being on drugs and alcohol. Courtney was accused of making-up the allegations. One of the girls responded on MySpace. “Very negative. A lot of cussing, swearing.”  The next day, the confrontation happened in the hall. It was recorded on a cell phone. It turns off after 22 seconds, but it was enough for the Muskegon County Prosecutor to file criminal charges. In the police report, the girls are also accused of giving their phone to a friend, so she could record the fight.

Fight between Muskegon cheerleaders gets violent | | Grand Rapids, MI

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