After Winning Contest, Kids Expect to Meet New England Patriots, Get Intern w. Videos Instead

Don’t mess with kids and their prizes and/or gifts. If you say you’re getting them a pony, get them a real pony and not a 10 inch plastic model, or in this case if you promise them a bunch of professional football players, don’t send them and team intern with some videos. Geez. What idiot thought that would work? However it is should either be fired or put in the middle of a school dodgeball game.

We’re just lucky the adults were able to restrain these kids before they tore this guy apart.

A sense of disappointment filled the air Tuesday as Lebanon Middle School students exercised through a gym session that participants thought would feature prominent professional athletes.
The event was held to reward students who participated in the NFL-sponsored Fuel up to Play 60 program. In exchange for their school’s high participation rate — more than 50 percent of the students signed on to the program — they were promised the chance to meet New England Patriots football players, as well as the opportunity to challenge a set of exercise stations.

What they got was an intern and some workout videos.

“I don’t think I am going to do it again next year,” said Alyssa Fabry, a health and physical education teacher. “They built it up quite a bit and really did not come through.” The Fuel up to Play 60 website stated if enough students participated in the program, they would be rewarded with a gym session complete with New England Patriots, said Fabry. The students ended up with one of the highest participation rates in the state.

Instead, the hour featured a registered dietitian giving them tips on healthy eating and a communications intern from the New England Patriots playing kickboxing workout videos.

Patriot no-shows disappoint Lebanon students in NFL-sponsored fitness program