Man With "Piggyback Ride Fetish" Arrested for Accosting High School Athletes – Sherwin Shayegan

We suppose there are stranger things to do in life than seek out strong, young athletic males and ask them (or possibly demand from them) piggyback rides, but we can’t think of anything else right now. The good news is that the Oregon School Activities Association sent out a warning about this guy when they found out what he was up to (make that, they sent out a warning after they stopped laughing after several hours), the bad news is he had to be arrested on drug charges (surprise!) before they could really get him to stop.

At right, the mug shot of Sherwin Shayegan. If this guy asks you for a ride, don’t turn your back on him.

A convicted felon suspected of befriending student athletes and offering money for piggyback rides has been arrested on unrelated drug charges. Tualatin Police said they arrested Sherwin Shayegan on Monday on a drug-related warrant issued out of Mt. Vernon, Wash.  An officer had seen Shayegan at a school event in recent days and told him he was not welcome around the students, given his criminal background. He was later contacted at a Tualatin hotel, arrested on the warrant, transported to the Washington Co. Jail, where he posted bail and was released.

As reported by KGW last week, officials with the Oregon School Activities Association were asking all high school athletes and parents to be on the lookout for Shayegan after he turned up at various games from Eugene to Pendleton. “We received communication from several schools that this individual had talked his way into their locker room, had pictures taken, had a ball autographed, had gone out to the parking lot and got piggyback rides from some of the players,” said Tom Welter, Executive Director of OSAA.

Detectives said he also befriended a football player in Bonney Lake, Wash. “The subject (Shayegan) gave him a manila envelope full of odd amounts of money, jumped on his back, and told him he wanted a piggyback ride,” said Officer Terry Carter of the Bonney Lake Police Department.

SOURCE: Felon offering students piggyback rides arrested on drug charges | | KGW Local News | Portland, Oregon

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