Man Accidentally Combines Golf, Cliff Diving, with Predictable Results

Ever seen those guys who will dive from a cliff–way up in the air–and land perfectly in the water just a few feet away from the jagged rocks? Well, the subject of our story today is NOT one of those highly trained professionals. No, this guy is a 66-year-old New Zealand golfer who was apparently looking for his golf ball when he fell more than 100 feet onto the boulders below . . . and LIVED! If not for a suspicious looking empty golf cart found by the staff, he might still be lying down there.

Kids: this is why you always play golf with a friend. Preferably a sober friend, but at least someone smart enough to call 911 if you do accidentally cliff dive. On the plus side, we are hearing that the Olympics is considering this event for the 2018 Games. Stay tuned! (At right, what accident might have looked like.)

A New Zealander gave new meaning to the golfing term ‘hazard’ when he fell from a cliff while searching for his ball at a course near Auckland.  The 66-year-old man sustained serious injuries but was in a stable condition in Auckland City Hospital after falling more than 100 feet (30 meters) onto seaside boulders, the New Zealand Herald newspaper reported Wednesday. The man had been playing alone and the accident was not discovered until staff discovered his abandoned golf cart, then saw an arm protruding from bushes among the rocks at the cliff’s base Tuesday afternoon.

SOURCE: Golfer falls from cliff while looking for ball –

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