HS Soccer Team in Trouble After Getting Three Red Cards Within Minutes

For those of you not familiar with soccer, getting a red card is the death penalty: you’re out of the game. It’s issued by the referee based on the action he sees (or hears) on the field. Usually there is a steady warning of yellow cards first, but sometimes they go straight to red, but in most games that doesn’t happen. Unless, of course, you play for the Myrtle Beach boys soccer team, in which case not only will three red cards get players thrown out of the game it will also keep you team out of the playoffs and cause you to forfeit several games NEXT season as well.

It would appear to us that they don’t tolerate red card behavior in Florida high school athletics. And that would be a good thing.

Myrtle Beach’s boys soccer team will not be eligible to participate in the playoffs this season after incidents in which a player allegedly made physical contact with a game official and another player allegedly used profane language to an official during the Seahawks’ 2-1 loss at Socastee on March 25.
The school will also drop one preseason game and two regular season games from next season’s schedule as part of its self-imposed punishment for the incidents, Myrtle Beach athletics director Doug Terry said. Myrtle Beach boys soccer coach Jason Himmelsbach said the incident occurred shortly after Socastee’s go-ahead goal in the game’s final minutes, but he did not witness what occurred. The Seahawks led the Braves 1-0 before Socastee tied the match with about five minutes to play and took the lead a minute or two later, Himmelsbach said.

Myrtle Beach was issued three red cards within the span of just a few minutes toward the end of that match. Himmelsbach said he has read the official’s report, and it said the first red card was issued to a player for using profane language, which is an automatic ejection per S.C. High School League rules. The second red card was for a dangerous slide tackle and the third red card was issued to a player disputing the second card who then made physical contact with the official, Himmelsbach said. Red cards result in an automatic ejection from the game and no substitution for that player is allowed.

SOURCE: On-field incident keeps Myrtle Beach boys soccer team out of postseason – Sports – TheSunNews.com
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