New Hofstra Basketball Coach Arrested for DUI – Tim Welsh

Most jobs have a “probationary period” (say the first six months or so) where you don’t have to do very much to get your ass fired. It may not be fair, but it does give employers the chance to test new employees under real world conditions before making a long term commitment to them.

Not sure if the same rules apply to college coaches, but if it does, Hofstra University may be reconsidering it’s choice of a men’s basketball coach after new hire Tim Welsh was arrested for DUI. On the plus side, he only blew a .18% BAC, well short of what it takes to qualify for a permanent spot in the World Famous BadJocks BAC Rankings.

On the other hand, it is more than twice the legal limit (.08%) and it doesn’t help that Welsh was found asleep behind the wheel at a green light. 

UPDATE: According to several sources, Welsh has resigned at Hofstra’s coach.

Tim Welsh, who is barely a month into his tenure as Hofstra’s basketball coach, was arrested early Friday morning in Levittown, L.I., on misdemeanor DWI charges. He was found asleep at the wheel of his 2006 Lexus while idling at a green light.  Hofstra immediately suspended the coach without pay.

Welsh’s blood alcohol level was recorded at .18, more than double the legal limit. He was arraigned Friday in Hempstead, where he entered a not guilty plea. The university is located in Hempstead.  Welsh, 49, who was hired on March 31 to take over at Hofstra after long-time Pride coach Tom Pecora left to accept the head coaching job at Fordham, could not be reached for comment and his cell phone mailbox was full.

SOURCE: New Hofstra basketball coach Tim Welsh charged with DWI after early-morning arrest
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