Video Shows Hockey Players With Beers After Game – 9 & 10-Year-Old Hockey Players!

Unfortunately, the YouTube video that has now apparently got an assistant coach suspended is gone, but the memories will likely linger for years. For whatever reason, the coach decided it would be fun (or maybe funny) to capture on film his young players posing with open beer cans and bottles in the locker room following a big game. It may all have been done as a joke, but apparently no one–including most of the parents, eh?–is laughing now.

Okay, except maybe you reading this right now and wishing we could still see the video.

A YouTube video that surfaced recently — and has since been removed from the popular website — depicts nine and 10-year-old hockey players posing for the camera with open bottles and cans of beer.  “Here we are in the locker room, young men just having a beer,” says the cameraman. “Look at that. Love it . . . the boys are enjoying a fine beer after a hard game.”

Members of the Sask-Can 2000 atom hockey team grin and brandish open bottles and cans of Coors Light. None are actually shown drinking. The video posted to YouTube, and uncovered Thursday by CKOM radio, shows a number of the boys in the locker room being told to pose with open beers. Images from the video appeared on the blog of the executive producer of John Gormley’s radio show, Tammy Robert, and the video was subsequently removed from YouTube. It was shot several weeks ago at a tournament in Humboldt.

Lorrie Heggie, the head of the Sask-Can league, said he has been dealing with the fallout from the video since he heard about it two weeks ago. A friend of his called him and sent him a copy. “This just breaks my heart,” he said. “It’s not what Sask-Can is all about.”

SOURCE: Atom-aged hockey players pose with open beer

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