UK Soccer Player Attacked by Rival Fans After Game: Claims He Took a Few Punches, Landed a Few as Well

Being attacked by an angry mob of opposing fans following a close game would be frightening for almost anyone . . . except Clint Hill, 27 of the Crystal Palace team which managed to a tie with home team Sheffield last week. As Hill walked off the field, a mob of Sheffield fans confronted him before police and security forces could intervene. His response to the rowdy crowd? Take a few punches and throw a few back. Seems actually kind of sporting that way, doesn’t it?

Violence erupted at a Championship final-day clash yesterday – as fans stormed the pitch and attempted to beat up one of the players.  Hundreds of rival supporters spilled on to the turf after the final whistle, as Crystal Palace dumped home team Sheffield Wednesday into the First Division at Hillsborough.

Palace star Clint Hill, 27, was chased into the tunnel by furious Owls fans as his team celebrated avoiding relegation themselves with a 2-2 draw. He claimed they landed “a good few” punches. Hill managed to reach safety just in time as the mob tried to force their way in.  Police managed to push back the supporters. Hill said afterwards: “I know they are frustrated but should they be throwing punches at people?  A good few landed and I am a big lad and can take them. But should they be throwing them?”

SOURCE: Fans try to beat up player in pitch riot | The Sun |News
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